About Gran Canaria 1599

Gran Canaria 1599 is an initiative to add a historical re-enactment to the existing commemorations of the Dutch conquest of Gran Canaria in 1599 and its subsequent retreat.

On June 26th 1599, a fleat of over 70 ships of the United Provinces of Holland and Zealand was to be seen at dawn in the harbour of Las Palmas. This was the largest force ever to attack the island of Gran Canaria, an island of only 5000 inhabitants at the time. Soon there was cannon exchanges between the invading forces and the defenders. Finally the invaders could disembark, they captured the small castle by the harbour and marched towards the city walls.
The situation of the city, even with militia coming from other parts of the islands, was dire and all they could do is delay the inevitable to save lives and their goods as much as possible. Finally they retreated from the town, leaving it in the hands of the invaders...

To be continued...

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